• The Smooth Movement

    A few video sequences from nature, AI-generated, at the beginning of December 2023. Impressive what is already possible on your own computer today!

  • River Life

    First steps towards AI motion picture… Half a year ago I would not have thought that this is possible on my own computer.

  • Forty-two

    From the forest to the sound and video studio

  • Music Delivery

    Quite elaborate when an upright piano is delivered.

  • CanSat 2019

    ESERO Austria invited to the CanSat contest and I was privileged to cover it this time.

  • Decide together

    The Prix Ars Electronica jury in search of the 2019 Golden Nica.

  • First impressions of the jury

    How did the jury fare at the Prix Ars Electronica 2019?

  • The fire truck of the future

    Rosenbauer presents its concept car, a fire truck.

  • What is the Future Innovators Summit?

    Hideaki Ogawa introduces the FIS in more detail.

  • Moving into POSTCITY

    And once again the whole team moves to the former mail distribution centre to prepare for the festival.