Visual experiments with generative Artificial Intelligence, above all with Stable Diffusion since the beginning of 2023.

  • The Smooth Movement

    The Smooth Movement

    A few video sequences from nature, AI-generated, at the beginning of December 2023. Impressive what is already possible on your own computer today!

  • Silent Forest of Algorithms

    Silent Forest of Algorithms

    In the silent forest of algorithms they keep running, the AI machines of this time.

  • Time-Traveling AI: NYC 1980s Edition

    Time-Traveling AI: NYC 1980s Edition

    With AI, you can send vacation photos on a time travel. Here, for example, to New York in the 1980s. And suddenly it’s gone, the Tesla in the picture – and the different ethnic groups.

  • AI Street Photography

    AI Street Photography

    Street photography through AI glasses. What remains of reality are the poses and locations of the people.

  • The hanging gardens

    The hanging gardens

    A surreal image of suspended gardens suspended in mid-air, defying gravity. Exotic and vibrant flora hover weightlessly, their roots trailing through wisps of clouds.

  • Future machines

    Future machines

    I wonder what kind of machines we humans will invent in the future?

  • River Life

    River Life

    First steps towards AI motion picture… Half a year ago I would not have thought that this is possible on my own computer.

  • The Fox’s Encounter with a Lost World

    The Fox’s Encounter with a Lost World

    As the fox wandered through the abandoned ruins, he couldn’t help feeling that he had stumbled upon a lost world, one forgotten by time and memory. The wind rustling through the empty buildings seemed to whisper secrets of a bygone age, and the fox couldn’t help but feel a sense of melancholy and longing for…

  • Working day at ChatGPT

    Working day at ChatGPT

    Everyday life at ChatGPT is characterized by endless hours of communication. The monotonous routine is like a loop that always repeats itself. But even though it repeats so often, it seems as if time stands still in the GPT universe.

  • The Art of Play

    The Art of Play

    The ongoing development of artificial intelligence will undoubtedly lead to a revolution in the field of game design, especially in terms of image generation.

  • Knight on the Bike

    Knight on the Bike

    It seems that every age has its own means of transport.

  • God is a DJ

    God is a DJ

    And so it is. God, as the Creator and Mastermind of the Universe, has control over the life and destiny of each individual and thus “mixes” the lives of all of us. Or does He not?