• Looking home

    Looking home

    When humans look at their own planet.

  • Pictures of an Exhibition

    Pictures of an Exhibition

    The exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center above the clouds, underwater, as a Tibetan monastery, an Apple store, a medieval knight’s hall, made of glass, in the jungle, as a server room, in the desert, …

  • AI Jam Session

    AI Jam Session

    First “jam session” with an artificial intelligence. I gave a few melodies, the AI tried some variations…

  • Illuminated facade

    Illuminated facade

    The illuminated façade of the Ars Electronica Center, superimposed with AI.

  • Bionic Wood

    Bionic Wood

    Bionic wooden structures are objects inspired in a natural way and made of wood. They use the properties of wood and combine them with modern technology and advanced construction methods.

  • Cybercat


    What would the internet be without cat pictures?

  • Naiture


    Nature and AI, like two worlds crossing,a symbiosis of old and new, a puzzle that complements each other. (texted by an ai system)

  • Magical AI moments from the forest

    Magical AI moments from the forest

    I asked an AI to describe a magical scene in a forest to me in detail. I then asked another AI to generate several images from it. This is what came out.

  • The mysterious tree in the night forest

    The mysterious tree in the night forest

    A majestic tree whose purple flash glows in the darkness of the forest as if it were a natural beacon in the night, its trunk lit by the same color as if it were radiating from within.

  • In the AI jungle

    In the AI jungle

    Watch out for what you will encounter in the jungle of our visual world in the future!

  • Hello AI world

    Hello AI world

    2023. Our visual world will change faster than one would like. A few computer skills are enough to set up your own AI image generation system at home and the results are already fascinating and scary at the same time. That’s why I’m not smiling so much.

  • Frozen magic ball

    Frozen magic ball

    Soap bubbles freeze at low temperatures, this was recently tested.