• Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

    Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

    If Caspar David Friedrich had painted not only the “Wanderer over the Sea of Fog”, but also the adventurous influencer, the dreamy bride on the stormy coast, the relaxed golfer on the green, the yearning astronaut in space, the happy runner at the finish line, the snowboarder standing ready for the start, the paramedic on […]

  • What does an artificial intelligence actually look like?

    What does an artificial intelligence actually look like?

    In the dialog with ChatGPT I came across neuronal networks, electric clouds and gigantic telegraph towers up to robot cats and crows and jellyfish with big brains. I’m curious to see what I’ll dream about today.

  • Experiments with Ars

    Experiments with Ars

    And today there are some AI image generation experiments with the Ars Electronica logo.

  • AI Playground – LEGO Edition

    AI Playground – LEGO Edition

    The year is 2023, and this was probably one of the first AI kids’ workshops of its kind. Task: Construct buildings from LEGO bricks, photograph them and then tell the AI the desired keywords.

  • Hikitect


    I think I’m going to become a hikitect – a mixture of hiker and architect. During the day I go for a walk and take pictures of tree stumps and stones, and in the evening the AI calculates modern building visualizations for me. (for all who are interested: the photos that served as a basis […]

  • Looking home

    Looking home

    When humans look at their own planet.

  • Pictures of an Exhibition

    Pictures of an Exhibition

    The exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center above the clouds, underwater, as a Tibetan monastery, an Apple store, a medieval knight’s hall, made of glass, in the jungle, as a server room, in the desert, …

  • AI Jam Session

    AI Jam Session

    First “jam session” with an artificial intelligence. I gave a few melodies, the AI tried some variations…

  • Illuminated facade

    Illuminated facade

    The illuminated façade of the Ars Electronica Center, superimposed with AI.

  • Bionic Wood

    Bionic Wood

    Bionic wooden structures are objects inspired in a natural way and made of wood. They use the properties of wood and combine them with modern technology and advanced construction methods.

  • Cybercat


    What would the internet be without cat pictures?

  • Naiture


    Nature and AI, like two worlds crossing,a symbiosis of old and new, a puzzle that complements each other. (texted by an ai system)