Martin Hieslmair

Martin Hieslmair Martin Hieslmair, born 1979, lives in Walding and works in Linz, Austria. Since 2012 editor at Ars Electronica, the platform for art, technology and society, in Linz. Public relations work focusing on web communication and programming, social media, text, film and photography (2014-present); editor at Ars Electronica Center, the Museum of the Future (2012-2015). Before that, studies in political science at the University of Vienna (2007-2012) with specialization in the field of "visual communication", residency at the Stockholms Universitet in Sweden (2010-2011). Information designer and Head of the Photo Department of, the most popular news site in Austria (2000-2007).


Mag. Martin Hieslmair
Hohen-Stein-Straße 15
A-4111 Walding
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