• Kat Austen

    Kat Austen

    Sound artist Kat Austen presents her new album This Land Is Not Mine at the Ars Electronica Festival.

  • Performance in the green

    Performance in the green

    In Maihime by Shota Yamauchi, human and technology are connected.

  • Forty-two

    From the forest to the sound and video studio

  • The Ars Electronica Center in the spotlight

    The Ars Electronica Center in the spotlight

    In 2009, the Ars Electronica Center in Linz was redesigned. On the occasion of the anniversary, here are a few impressions of the facade.

  • Stardust


    No camera resolution is large enough for the universe.

  • Creative through the summer

    Creative through the summer

    Seeing microscopic creatures and controlling a drone with your mind. That is only possible in the Ars Electronica Centers summer workshops.

  • Two architects

    Two architects

    Jürgen Haller and Christoph Weidinger are together the any:time architects.

  • In the Abbey Library

    In the Abbey Library

    A room that can really call itself a library. At St. Florian.

  • Where Bruckner is now at home

    Where Bruckner is now at home

    The crypt of St. Florian Abbey houses the coffin of the composer Anton Bruckner. From here he can hear the church organ.

  • CyberArts Faces

    CyberArts Faces

    The people behind the CyberArts exhibition in the OK at the O� Kulturquartier.

  • The car from the courtyard

    The car from the courtyard

    The things that are hidden in a Linz courtyard.

  • Out of the Box

    Out of the Box

    The T-shirt for the festival.