• What does an artificial intelligence actually look like?

    What does an artificial intelligence actually look like?

    In the dialog with ChatGPT I came across neuronal networks, electric clouds and gigantic telegraph towers up to robot cats and crows and jellyfish with big brains. I’m curious to see what I’ll dream about today.

  • Experiments with Ars

    Experiments with Ars

    And today there are some AI image generation experiments with the Ars Electronica logo.

  • AI Playground – LEGO Edition

    AI Playground – LEGO Edition

    The year is 2023, and this was probably one of the first AI kids’ workshops of its kind. Task: Construct buildings from LEGO bricks, photograph them and then tell the AI the desired keywords.

  • Hikitect


    I think I’m going to become a hikitect – a mixture of hiker and architect. During the day I go for a walk and take pictures of tree stumps and stones, and in the evening the AI calculates modern building visualizations for me. (for all who are interested: the photos that served as a basis…

  • Looking home

    Looking home

    When humans look at their own planet.

  • Pictures of an Exhibition

    Pictures of an Exhibition

    The exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center above the clouds, underwater, as a Tibetan monastery, an Apple store, a medieval knight’s hall, made of glass, in the jungle, as a server room, in the desert, …

  • AI Jam Session

    AI Jam Session

    First “jam session” with an artificial intelligence. I gave a few melodies, the AI tried some variations…

  • Illuminated facade

    Illuminated facade

    The illuminated façade of the Ars Electronica Center, superimposed with AI.

  • Bionic Wood

    Bionic Wood

    Bionic wooden structures are objects inspired in a natural way and made of wood. They use the properties of wood and combine them with modern technology and advanced construction methods.

  • Cybercat


    What would the internet be without cat pictures?

  • Naiture


    Nature and AI, like two worlds crossing,a symbiosis of old and new, a puzzle that complements each other. (texted by an ai system)

  • Magical AI moments from the forest

    Magical AI moments from the forest

    I asked an AI to describe a magical scene in a forest to me in detail. I then asked another AI to generate several images from it. This is what came out.